The Issue

Your home’s surroundings remain damp, despite the absence of recent rainfall, leaving your yard persistently waterlogged.

This excessive soil moisture detracts from the enjoyment of your outdoor areas, causing either water accumulation near your foundation or general soggy conditions across your land. Such conditions often become ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Root Cause

In the metro Atlanta area, the primary cause of this pervasive ground wetness is inadequate land grading, compounded by the region’s clay-rich soil, which naturally retains water, particularly in level terrains. The combination of poor grading and specific soil characteristics sets the stage for ongoing issues with ground saturation.

Although the absence of French drains, catch basins, or similar stormwater management systems plays a role, improper grading frequently emerges as the main issue. Effectively tackling this challenge typically involves extensive landscape restructuring, a considerable endeavor.

Given these factors, fully eradicating ground saturation can be challenging. While certain drainage solutions can offer improvement, achieving substantial results often demands comprehensive action.

The Solution

Our strategy involves crafting and implementing bespoke exterior drainage modifications aimed at significantly reducing ground saturation across your yard and surrounding property areas.